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About Dakota Munitions

Dakota Munitions Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing ammunition with adherence to the highest quality for every part and every process. From the projectiles to the powder, we only use the best. From manufacturing to testing, we take our time and do it right.

Affordable Ammunition allows shooters the benefit of the highest quality without the high prices.

Clean Ammunition keeps your firearm clean and minimizes potential issues from buildup.

Reliable Ammunition lets you shoot with confidence that every shot will perform perfectly, every time, without malfunction.

Accurate Ammunition lets you practice accurately so that your time spent is worthwhile, and not just an exercise in throwing lead down the range.

Our goal with our ammo is to have the best products at the best price. You can shoot 300 rounds of our 45 auto bullets out of a 1911 without a single failure to battery; and our 380 autos have a nice light kick for new shooters. When making our products we consider the poor quality of online bulk ammunition and we wanted to make it better for our use as well as our customers.

Our 40 S&W, 380 Auto, 45 Auto and 9 mm are all in stock. Since we are a smaller company, the lead times are shorter for our products. This makes our product ideal for law enforcements, with shorter wait periods and faster delivery. Many law enforcement agencies wait up to a year to receive their bulk ammunition orders.