Q: Is Dakota Munitions going to manufacture additional ammunition calibers and types, like rifle cartridges, in the future?

  • Currently Dakota Munitions is focusing on precision pistol rounds in the most common calibers. We expect to begin manufacturing rifle calibers in 2016 starting with .223, 308 and 300 Blackout.
  • In the future Dakota Munitions will expand the product line depending upon demand for items such as additional grain projectiles, +P and frangible projectiles.

Q: How is a Personal Protection Round Different than other ammunition?

  • Manufactured to be more precise when it is fired, making it more accurate when it counts.
  • Feeds more reliably through your firearm, minimizing possibility of problems when they are the least welcome.
  • Won’t be hindered by thick or heavy clothing, including leather or denim.
  • Less likely to pass through the intended target and strike something on the other side.

Q: Why should I use Defense Grade Pistol ammunition?

  • Manufactured to balistically match, and therefore fire and fly identically, to Dakota Munitions Personal Protection rounds.
  • Allows you to practice shooting without spending an arm and a leg to throw Personal Protection rounds down range.
  • Perfect Practice makes perfect.

Q: What is Match Grade Target Ammunition?

  • Plinking, or target ammunition is for those of you who want to go out and have fun putting some lead down range, while still maintaining accuracy.
  • Available in 50 round boxes for easy carrying in your range bag up to full ammo cans you can just dip your hand into.
  • Quality performance at a target price.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.